CAM 001: Why I Create Awesome Meetings


Welcome to the first episode of the Create Awesome Meetings Podcast!

Whether you love meetings or hate them, this Podcast will give you a ton of information and inspiration to help you take action to make your next meeting more productive and profitable.

Here’s what you can expect from the Create Awesome Meetings Podcast:

  • You’ll learn from great guests who offer real-world advice about how to make meetings better
  • You’ll hear stories about the worst kinds of meetings that make you want to poke your eyes out, along with ways to solve that meeting pain
  • Free downloads with great meeting tips that you can put into action right away to make your next meeting more effective

Here’s what you’ll get in Episode 001:

  • I tell you why I love meetings
  • You’ll learn how to do a quick calculation about your meeting cost-per-hour
  • I describe how you can use theĀ “10 Ways To Create Awesome Meetings Checklist” to take action and make your meetings more effective

Please Don’t Wait To Make Your Next Meeting Awesome!

How many meetings do you go to in a week? How many meetings have you been to in your lifetime?

I have run and participated in more than 2000 meetings. Some were horrible. Some were great. And so many of them were just OK. These are the meetings that I am really interested in improving. The meetings where there is still a spark, but the team just doesn’t quite know what to do next to make the meetings more profitable.

So please join me in my quest to change the world, one meeting at a time.

You can do this by; putting what you learned in this podcast into action; you can also check out the blog, webinars and workshops on this website; you could also hire a professional facilitator to help you with your next meeting; and you can find inspiration from your meeting team members, and no matter what, just do whatever you can to make your next meeting as productive as possible.

Inspirational quote featured in this episode:

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can today”- Benjamin Franklin

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