CAM 018: Learn How To Fight So You Can Get Along During A Meeting

Have you ever been in a fight during a meeting? Have you ever watched your colleagues yell at each other during a meeting?

Would you like to learn how to fight so you can really get along?

If so, then this episode of the Create Awesome Meetings podcast will be perfect for you and your team. In this episode you’ll learn how to:

  • Save time and money by learning how to disagree more efficiently
  • Become aware of your negative behaviour during a meeting
  • Create a ‘fight-style’ inventory, as in, who is shy, too aggressive etc.
  • Understand why it is worth disagreeing
  • Never let a bad idea out of the room because of a fight
  • Never put up with the status quo
  • Establish your own unique set of meeting fight ground rules
  • Make disagreements about the issue and not about the person
  • Stop the discussion if it becomes too personal or if voices are raised
  • Ensure that once a decision is made, then everyone supports it
  • Bring in a professional Professional Meeting Facilitator or Meeting Mentor if necessary

Because no matter what type of meeting you’re in, learning how to fight effectively will definitely make it more productive.

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