CAM 004: How To Create Awesome Walking Meetings

Do you believe that sitting is the new smoking? Are you ready to try something new with your next meeting to make it more productive? Then it’s time to try a walking meeting.

Because whether you’re a CEO, manager, employee or volunteer, if you want to make your next meeting more productive and profitable, then it’s time to get mobile! And episode 4 of the Create Awesome Meetings Podcast can help you do just that, because it features expert walking meeting connoisseur Fred Keating.

In this interview Fred shares valuable tips and inspiration that you can get moving right away including:

  • How walking meetings are a great way to combine your daily exercise with getting together with your team
  • How walking meetings get your blood moving so you can think more clearly and creatively
  • How moving in the same direction changes the dynamic of your meeting because you’re not making direct eye contact across a table, so it is less confrontational and you don’t get the chance to over-read body-language
  • How this is a great way to start a business relationship because you’re sharing a common out-of-the-office experience that you will be able to refer back to for as long as you work together
  • How walking meetings allow for what Fred calls ‘plausible pauses’, as in creative distractions that occur along the way that allow either person to stop and listen more deeply or formulate a more thorough answer. Plausible pauses might include seeing something in nature, noting some great architecture, stopping for a coffee etc.
  • How you should bring a notebook and a pen for you, as well as an extra for whoever you’re with so that when you stop for a ‘plausible pause’ you can then record your fantastic new discoveries
  • How to choose where to walk so that you avoid crowds, traffic and allow for more continuous walking instead of stops and starts
  • How to give you and your meeting team actual permission to do a walking meeting
  • Why it is worthwhile to actually take a short drive to an inspiring location, instead of settling for the office boardroom

About Fred Keating

Fred Keating is a businessman, actor, corporate educator and the owner of Lindisfarne Productions, a successful video production company. He has appeared in television and film, as well as live in front of thousands at major corporate events across North America. Fred combines decades of work experience with a holistic approach to building relationships, which includes intentionally taking people out for walking meetings because Fred understands that it is one of the most profitable ways to do business. If you’d like to get in touch, you can reach Fred at

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“You can learn everything you need to know about a man during the first three holes of a round of golf.”  Fred Keating (who learned this saying from his Dad)