How To Create An Awesome Meeting Space

CAM 016: How To Create An Awesome Meeting Space – Part 1

What does your meeting space look like? Are the tables sticky? Are there broken chairs and old papers lying around?

Does your meeting room make you want to run away screaming?

I believe that where you meet is as important as what you’re meeting about.

So in today’s episode of the Create Awesome Meetings Podcast, we’re talking about where you and your team meet on a regular basis. And please keep in mind that this is ‘Part 1’ of a two-part series about meeting spaces. ‘Part 1’ deals with helping you improve spaces like your board room or staff room.

In ‘Part 2’ you’ll learn how to optimize the places that you meet that are not in rooms, as in, on a construction site or at a nursing station etc. And ultimately, after listening to these two episodes, along with the free downloads, then you’ll be able to turn where you meet into a productivity improvement opportunity!

And to help you break down all of the detail that goes into creating an awesome meeting space, I have created a 4-step framework.

The Four Step Framework To Help You Create An Awesome Meeting Space:

Step 1: Ask practical questions like…

  • Do we need to book the room?
  • Does the room have a projector, screen, sound system, and connections for computers?
  • Who do we call if something goes wrong?

Step 2: Ask people questions like…

  • How many people are coming?
  • Are people getting along and who should sit beside who?

Step 3: Ask spatial questions like…

  • Can we all hear each other and see each other in this room?
  • What style of meeting are we having (ie. lecture, group work) and what shape should the room be in?

Step 4: Ask Inspiring Questions About The Meeting Room…

  • Should we post our strategic Vision, Mission and Objectives?
  • Does this space support the unique culture of our organization?

Creating an inspiring meeting space can make your meetings more productive, which will ultimately help your organization to be more profitable!

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