CAM 005 – How To Profitably Connect Your Meetings To Your Strategy

Are you tired of meetings that don’t have a point and waste your valuable time?

Are you ready to turn your meetings into a competitive advantage for your organization?

Then you’re in the right place because episode 3 of the Create Awesome Meetings Podcast will help you to profitably connect each and every one of your meetings directly to your organization strategy. Here’s how:

  • You’ll learn about the ‘Strategic Meeting Check-In’
    • This will allow you to stop any meeting at any moment and connect that moment directly to your strategy
    • It will also help you learn how to make that moment accountable so that you can get solid results from each one of your meetings
  • You’ll learn how to turn your strategic plan into plain, useful language
    • Can you recite your vision statement word-for-word?
    • Turning your strategic plan into plain language will allow everyone to carry it out no matter where they are in the organization

How powerful would your next meeting be if it actually moved your strategic plan forward? Not only will you and your meeting team benefit, but your whole organization will become more profitable because of your targeted efforts to connect your meetings directly to your strategy.

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