CAM 009: How To Build Profitability By Knowing Your Total Meeting Cost

Do you know how much your meetings cost per hour? Per year? When someone talks for 20 minutes straight about the latest cute cat video on Youtube, is that the best use of your team’s time?

In episode 9 of the Create Awesome Meetings Podcast you’ll learn how to measure the cost-per-hour of your meetings and not just in terms of money, but in terms of time and overall staff morale.

Because with the pace of business these days you can’t afford to waste a single second! Other concepts you’ll learn in this podcast include:

  • How¬†to connect the true cost of your meetings to your overall profitability
  • How to be honest so that you can decide which meeting to keep and which meeting to let go of
  • Why profitability must be measured in terms of time, motivation AND money
  • How to turn your meetings into a competitive edge
  • How to understand your MROI – Meeting Return On Investment

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