CAM 002: How Students Can Create Awesome Meetings


How are your student group meetings going?

Smoothly? Badly?

Are you getting A’s or D’s?

Because whether you’re a student, or someone who supports students, and you want to help them make their next group meeting awesome, then you’re in the right place!

Because episode 2 of the Create Awesome Meetings features Nicole Blomme, a business grad who successfully worked with more than 30 different student groups throughout her degree. In this interview Nicole shares practical insights and information that you can put to use right away including:

  • How to be flexible and manage project priorities, even when you’re all busy, so you can get still get great marks on your projects
  • How to deal with strong personalities and group conflicts
  • How to recognize your role within the group so you can build on your best strengths and do your part effectively
  • How to set an agenda that will help you stop talking about what you did on the weekend so you can get some work done
  • How to build relationships with the right people so you can work with them multiple times
  • How to use Facebook vs. Google Docs when it comes to sharing information
  • How to write a group expectations checklist that also includes a ‘firing clause’

About Nicole Blomme

Within the last year Nicole Blomme graduated with a b-com, set up her own social media company and also works full-time. She is also a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters. And Nicole is really proud of the experience that she gained doing group work in school and she encourages all students to learn as much as possible when working with each other because that experience is directly transferable to the real world of work.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can reach Nicole on twitter @nicoleblomme

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