Resiliency Techniques

CAM 011: How Resiliency Techniques Create Awesome Meetings

When you get knocked down or frustrated during a meeting, how do you react? Do you get angry? Do you get quiet?

Do you spend more time complaining about the meeting than the actual time that you spent in the meeting? If this sounds familiar then you’re in the right place because episode 11 of the Create Awesome Meetings Podcast features Zaheen Nanji, an experienced resiliency expert who will share a wealth of practical resiliency techniques and information including:

  • How to stop letting fear control you
  • How to take little steps that add up to big wins when it comes to being more resilient
  • Why it is so important to get feedback about how you act during a meeting
  • Why is is critical to be clear about your intentions going into a meeting
  • How to pause first, think and then react – even when you’re under stress during a meeting
  • Why it is so important not to project what you’re feeling onto others
  • How you can learn to use Neuro-linguistic programming techniques to stop speaking negatively
  • Why gaining the ability to disassociate from yourself at the right moment is so important
  • How to be empathetic with other people so that you can understand their positive intentions

Zaheen’s Top 3 Meeting Management Techniques

  1. Have a clear intention when you head into a meeting
  2. Take the time to be empathetic and understand other people’s positive intentions
  3. Listen and understand the other person’s language before you say anything

About Zaheen Nanji

People who don’t know Zaheen’s background sometimes assume that achieving success was easy for her. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Her first challenge began around age 5, when an incident left her with a speech impediment-stuttering.

As she got accustomed to the people around her in Kenya and they got accustomed to her speech, another change occurred at the age of 15 – her parents sent her to Canada to create better educational opportunities, but this move made her speech even worse; she lost confidence in herself and found comfort in food.

Even after going through speech therapy in her twenties, Zaheen wasn’t cured, but this was the stepping stone to finding her VOICE.

As Zaheen completed her education in Nutrition & Food Science and Environmental Health, she became determined to understand the source of her speech impediment because it had such an impact on things she wanted to do but felt she couldn’t. Using her strategies to embrace fear rather than run from it, she slowly started her transformation.

While balancing her family, Zaheen has created a successful health and wellness business and simultaneously acquired 3 rental properties within a span of less than 36 months. Not only an entrepreneur, Zaheen is also the author of an award-winning book on behavior weight loss which won a bronze medal at the Global E-book Awards and was featured in the top 10 in Women Business Owners Today E-zine .

Her system of transformation and excellence is grounded in building your resilience muscle which is the daily practice of the three R’s – Release, Reprogram and Resolve. She offers an array of time-tested techniques and powerful principles to propel her clients toward their definitions of success.

For many people who stutter, simply being able to stop stuttering is a dream come true. But Zaheen has run with the dream and is now a sought-after transformational speaker.

Her flourishing career has inspired her to share her system of success and transformation, a hybrid of science and technique called the RESILIENCE REFLEX™ where she teaches her clients and audiences how to easily embrace change and bounce back so that resilience becomes your first reflex!

You can get in touch with Zaheen at 

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