How A Meeting Mentor Can Make Your Meetings Awesome!

CAM 014: How A Meeting Mentor Can Make Your Meetings Awesome

How are your meetings going? Bad? Good? Or in the worst case scenario maybe your meetings are just OK. Like you know they could be better, but instead you’re choosing to just go with the flow.

What if you could find a low-cost solution to help you turn your meetings from bad to awesome! Well if you’d like this to happen then today’s episode of the Create Awesome Meetings Podcast will be perfect for you and your whole meeting team.

Because today you’ll learn how to successfully work with a Meeting Mentor. This is someone within your organization who loves running meetings AND they are good at it AND they want to help you improve your overall meeting effectiveness. Some of the great concepts you’ll gain from listening include:

  • How to find a Meeting Mentor
  • A simple three-step process for working with a Meeting Mentor that will help you get fast results
  • How to build a Meeting Mentorship Culture
  • The advantage of working with an internal person vs. an external person
  • How working with a Meeting Mentor will help you improve overall productivity and profitability

The Five Steps To Help You Build A Meeting Mentorship Culture

  1. Acknowledge that you need a Meeting Mentor
  2. Find a Meeting Mentor
  3. Work with a Meeting Mentor
  4. Review what happened with your meeting team
  5. Build a Meeting Mentorship Culture

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