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Keynote Address Excerpt (Gord Speaks at ERIEC Smart Connections Event)

“Our members enjoyed the talk very much, and we would love to have Gordon back anytime.” Jaye Parent, President, Morinville Chamber of Commerce

Make Your Next Meeting Awesome!

Gord Sheppard is an entertaining speaker who can make an audience laugh while delivering awesome meeting tools and tips to help you make your next meeting more productive and profitable!

Having facilitated, run & participated in more than 2000 meetings, Gord has seen it all!

With more than 25 years of Strategic Management, Facilitation, Communications, and Marketing experience, combined with a ‘straight-forward’ approach to helping people to reach their goals, Gord knows what it takes to help you take action so you can make your next meeting awesome!

Take Action and Have Fun Doing It!

Not only does Gord empower his audiences to take action, but he also makes sure they laugh while they learn. So if you’re looking for the right balance of entertainment and information, then Gord is the right choice to help make your event more memorable.

Speaking Topics

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The Truth About Meetings (and how to fix them...)

Should your last meeting have been an email instead? Are you burnt out because you’re getting called to too many meetings during the day, which means that you have to do your regular work at night? These are just a few of the ‘truth bombs’ you’ll discover in ‘The Truth About Meetings (and how to fix them…).

During this honest and practical presentation Gord ‘tells it like it is’ about why so many of our meetings are so bad. But not only does he say the things out loud that you’ve been dying to say, he also offers practical solutions that will help you turn your meetings into a competitive advantage.

So if you’re ready to get inspired by the guy who has run or participated in more than 2000 meetings, then this presentation is for you.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Identify bad meeting habits and discover why it’s hurting your customers
  • Learn how to measure the actual cost of a meeting so you can stop wasting time and money
  • Get practical tips and information that you can apply immediately to make your next meeting more productive and profitable
  • Learn how to fire a bad meeting facilitator in the right way
  • Learn how to connect your meetings directly to your strategy so you can build a stronger organization and serve your clients at a higher level and more

Session Details: This Keynote presentation is for Senior Leaders, CEOs, Managers, Board Members, Employees and Volunteers who are seeking education and inspiration to take control of unproductive meetings so they can build stronger organizations

The How To Create Awesome Meetings Workshop / Break-Out Session

Ready to take your meetings to the next level? Then you and your team are going to love the How To Create Awesome Meetings Workshop!

Based on the proven 10-step system in Gord Sheppard’s book called How To Create Awesome Meetings (https://howtocreateawesomemeetings.com/get-it-free), during this session you’ll get the practical tips, information and inspiration you need to turn your meetings into a competitive advantage.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Step 1 – Learn why great meeting start with you and how you can be accountable
  • Step 2 – Deepen team trust through learning fast, practical communications techniques
  • Step 3 – Learn how to calculate the actual cost of a meeting so that you don’t waste a single second
  • Step 4 – Become an awesome meeting facilitator
  • Step 5 – Learn how to connect each meeting directly to your organization strategy so you can serve your clients at a higher level
  • Step 6 – Find out how to build a blockbuster AGENDA that will excite your entire team
  • Step 7 – Learn why where you meet is as important as what you’re meeting about
  • Step 8 – Get awesome meeting productivity improvement resources
  • Step 9 – Learn how to follow up FAST
  • Step 10 – Get inspired and take action!

Session Details: This Workshop is for people of all levels from Senior Leaders, CEOs and Executive Directors to Managers, Board Members, Employees and Volunteers. It can be done for group sizes from 8-30 people (and more if there are assistants available). This Workshop has also been adapted for speaking from the stage, and at conferences it is a strong complement to the ‘Truth About Meetings (and how to fix them…)’ Keynote Presentation.

8 Ways New Immigrants Can Create Awesome Meetings

From job interviews to staff meetings, volunteer meetings to senior leadership gatherings and more, how you communicate during meetings in your new country will make or break your immigration journey.

So if you’re a new immigrant who wants to integrate more quickly, or you’re an employer who wants your new candidate to succeed, then the ‘8 Ways New Immigrants Can Create Awesome Meetings’ session is for you.

In this session Gord Sheppard breaks down cultural barriers so that new immigrants can learn how to integrate into the Canadian workplace more quickly. With great practical tips

Learner Outcomes Include:

  1. How to become more self-aware so you can adjust your expectations in a Canadian meeting setting
  2. Learning the ‘meeting basic’ differences between what you’re used to in your home country and meetings in Canada
  3. Understanding Canadian meeting expectations, especially when it comes to learning when to speak up and when to be quiet
  4. Learning how to treat the meeting leader, even if she’s a woman
  5. Finding out how to connect the business meeting to your strategy or the strategy of the organization you’re working for
  6. Learn how to make a great first impression
  7. Find out how to follow up effectively
  8. Learn how to bring out the best practices from the way that you conducted meetings in your home country

Session Details: This Presentation is flexible and can be offered as a Keynote Presentation or as a Workshop. It is intended for New Immigrants who want rapid suggestions to improve the way they handle any type of meeting in their new country. It is also for the people who are hiring new immigrants to help them understand and overcome the cultural barriers and help these people succeed quickly in the workplace.

Reference Article: 8 Ways New Immigrants Can Create Effective Business Meetings

Gord Sheppard On CTV Edmonton Morning Live

Media Kit

Includes everything you need when you book Gord as a Speaker including: head shots, bio, TV appearances and more. Click here to view Gord’s Media Kit

Presentation Clients Include

  • Alberta Student Leadership Summit
  • APEGA – Association of Professional Engineers and Geologists of Alberta
  • ATB Financial
  • ATCO Electric
  • Calgary and Area Medical Staff Society
  • Canadian Institute of Management
  • Canadian Sport Institute
  • Charity Village
  • Edmonton Mennonite Centre For Newcomers
  • Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council
  • Emerging Health Leaders
  • HRIA – Human Resource Institute of Alberta
  • Information Managers
  • King’s University
  • Leduc Chamber of Commerce
  • MacEwan University
  • Morinville Chamber of Commerce
  • Old Strathcona Business Association
  • Rotary Club of Edmonton
  • Town of Beaumont
  • University of Alberta – Faculty of Nursing
  • University of Alberta – Peter Lougheed Leadership College
  • Young Professionals in Energy

How To Make A Great POINT

“I’ve attended meetings in the past that have lacked efficiency and effectiveness, and by using Gord’s 10 tips for creating meeting agendas, I am excited to have more productive and profitable meetings in the future.” – Nicole Blomme, Employer Relations Specialist, MacEwan University

Gord Speaks At Canadian Institute Of Management Event

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