How to Create Awesome Meetings

A proven 10-step meeting productivity improvement system

In this new book by Professional Meeting Facilitator Gord Sheppard, you'll find tips and inspiration that will help you take action so you can solve your meeting pain.

This book will help you make your next meeting more profitable!

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How to become an effective facilitator
  • How to measure the real $ cost of a meeting
  • How to build a blockbuster AGENDA
  • How to fight so you can really get along
  • How to connect your meetings to your strategy
  • How to turn your meetings into profit driving machines and more!
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  • Gord has radically changed how I view my business and these changes are already leading to new growth for my company.”

    Alex Armstrong

    Owner, Three Tall Women Design Inc.
  • One of the most practical and effective guides I've seen."

    Arden Tse

    Entrepreneur, Restaurant Owner, Prairie Noodle Shop
  • Gord clearly saviors analyzing dysfuntional behaviour in meetings and gives solutions for widespread problems usual in meetings."

    Van Konrad

    Management Consultant, MBA Associates
  • Gord’s ability to get straight to the point and see through all of the cloudiness is inspirational.”

    Cynthia Annett

    Board Chair,
    Special Olympics

Gord Sheppard

Professional Meeting Facilitator, Consultant & Author

About the Author

Gord Sheppard loves creating awesome meetings. That is why he works as a Professional Meeting Facilitator, Consultant, Speaker, Teacher and Author. When he facilitates a meeting people get energized, focussed and they take action.

Now he is sharing his experience from running and participating in more than 2000 meetings in his new book titled "How To Create Awesome Meetings." He hopes that you can use this book to take action and dramatically improve your next meeting.

You can learn more about Gord at