“If you take this approach you will stop wasting time in meetings…”

I love helping people.

The best way that I know how to do this is to help people transform their meetings into satisfying, productive events that not only enrich their own lives, but also strengthen their organizations.

I didn’t always feel this way. In fact, out of the 2000+ meetings that I have run and participated in throughout my lifetime, I would say that I only started loving the last few hundred. Why? Let me tell you a story.

In 2009, at the age of 42, with a wife, 2 kids and full time corporate job, I went back to school part-time and did a Masters Degree in business. I took on this challenge so I could gain new skills that would allow me to change careers.

Here’s how that experience changed my life.


Epiphany #1 – One of my favourite teachers was a high-impact business consultant. As I listened to him teach and tell real-world stories I realized that ‘when this guy walks in the room, he makes a difference’.

The epiphany for me? I wanted to learn how to do that too. And you know how I said that I only started loving the last few hundred meetings that I’ve been a part of? That’s because in those meetings I have been working as a Professional Meeting Facilitator and Consultant. That’s because now, when I walk in the room, I make a difference.

Epiphany #2 – I recently wrote my first book called ‘How To Create Awesome Meetings’. It offers a 10-step system that will help anyone to turn their meetings into a competitive edge. The key concept that crystallized while I wrote the book is this:

‘I believe that you should be able to stop any meeting, at any moment, and connect that moment directly to your strategy.’

This Concept Is A Game-Changer.

People who take this approach truly understand why they are meeting. This approach allows me to make sure that while I help people to become better facilitators, fight fairly, follow up fast and more, I can also ensure that everything they do within a meeting is tied to the ‘big picture’ of their organization.

If you take this approach you will stop wasting time in meetings…

I have also worked in theatre and media as an Actor, Director, Producer and Manager. This experience helps me to be very aware of how people are behaving in any meeting and it also gives me the ability to ‘Direct’ the meeting so that the cast of executives, employees, managers and/or volunteers can focus on issues instead of personalities when they get together.

The Cost of Bad Meetings.

According to the cost of unproductive meetings is more than $37 billion dollars a year in the United States alone! When you think about that on a global scale, bad meetings could be costing us over a trillion dollars every year!

And what is the personal cost of a bad meeting?

Well, let me start with my own experience. As a corporate manager I led OK and often unmemorable weekly meetings. As a corporate employee I endured endless, pointless, leaderless meetings that made me feel helpless and often angry. The worst part of those bad meetings for me was my reaction. I would complain about them to my family and friends and almost anyone who would listen. But my complaining didn’t change the meetings.

(If you’re reading this and nodding ‘yes’ in agreement…if you’re a leader who doesn’t know how to run an effective meeting…if you’re a non-profit volunteer who is about to quit because those board meetings are a waste of time…if you’re an employee who truly wants to make a difference in those weekly staff meetings…then read on.)

After years of listening to me complaining there came a day in 2004 when my wife said ‘stop it!’

Initially I was shocked. No longer could I sit in my comfortable bed of helpless self-pity. I had to begin to take responsibility for my reaction to those meetings AND my behaviour in those meetings.

When I look back, that moment started me on the path to becoming the effective Professional Meeting Facilitator and Consultant that I am today.

Take Action!

I didn’t want to feel helpless or bored in meetings anymore so I began to study and gain more leadership opportunities in my career. I hope you do the same and take action to make your next meeting better.

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